Our services include:


  • Taxation Planning and Compliance
  • Goods & Services Tax (GST)
  • Management Consulting
  • Business Planning
  • Business Funding Proposals
  • IT Consulting Services and Facilities
  • Audit and Investigation
  • Arbitration
  • Company Liquidations
  • Service to Company Executives and Staff
  • Company Services/Business Names
  • Director or Secretary for clients' companies
  • Financial Statement Compilation
  • Corporate Secretarial Services
  • Financial Planning


The art of listening is the key to good communication. We endeavour to learn about you or your business, solve problems, identify opportunities, and search for creative ways to help you achieve your goals.


Taxation Planning and Compliance

Frequent changes in both Federal and State tax laws tend to be confusing. McBurneys are alert to these constant changes and are able to provide clients with current advice and information relative to their needs.

Our tax planning cover a wide range of services, including:


  • considering the incidence of taxation
  • examination of tax consequences of particular transactions
  • establishment of appropriate business and investment structures (eg. Companies, trusts, partnerships, etc.)
  • establishment of superannuation funds to provide retirement benefits for both proprietors and employees
  • preparation and lodgement of documents, objections and appeals
  • client representation
  • corporate tax planning


Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Goods & Services Tax (GST) applies to most transactions after 1st July 2000. We can help in advising and administering the requirements of GST. Services include:


  • Initial registration
  • Advice on the application of GST to client circumstances
  • Preparation of the required BAS - Business Activity Statements (GST returns)
  • Ongoing training of client's staff in GST transactions recording and reporting.


Management Consulting

Management consultants examine the processes within a business and assist management in devising ways to enhance the effective management of that organisation.

Our management consulting services include:


  • Research and development
  • Financial planning and control
  • Operations planning and control
  • Strategic planning
  • Human resources planning
  • Data process planning
  • Litigation support


Your business is a complex array of interrelated functions and resources. We can help you see the "big picture" and how these different areas interrelate, thereby maximising the effectiveness of your organisation.

Furthermore, as your business grows, so too must the management skills within this new environment. We can assist the managers of an organisation to adapt to the new managerial environment created by growth.


We offer assistance with the design and implementation of procedures and systems necessary to operate your business more effectively.


We can undertake an overall review of the operations of your business and make appropriate recommendations. Alternatively, you may request reviews of specific areas within your organisation.


Our management consulting services will help you operate your business more effectively.


Business Planning

Our professional advisers are dedicated to your success. The good judgment and high degree of technical and financial expertise we possess underlie our ability to impart sound advice.

Our business planning process is tried and tested. We are able to pass on extensive experience in assisting clients with the formulation and implementation of business plans, at any level.


Our team can devise and implement innovative strategies to ensure that the objectives within the clients' business plan are achieved.


We are about extending your competitive advantage.


Business Funding Services

Not all business owners understand that in order to fulfil their business growth potential, access to funds is essential. Depending on the nature of your business and its current financial position, we can recommend the best practices for obtaining competitively priced funds.


Funding Proposals

We can prepare complete funding proposals for financiers, clearly articulating funding requirements, debt servicing and terms.


Trading Asset Funding

Trading assets, such as inventory and debtors, can now be used as security with your lender, provided an independent system is in place to value and monitor these assets. Often loans using trading assets as security are declined because the lender has neither the expertise, resources, nor time to provide effective administration as to the "worth" of these fast moving assets. We can provide this valuable service.

Business Review

Funding proposals can be rejected by lenders for a number of reasons. Our business reviews take an objective overview of your business. With client input, we assess the business in detail and devise a growth or profit plan, with a cost-effective action plan to maximise the potential of the business and minimise the possibility of rejected funding proposals.


IT Consulting Services and Facilities

Businesses that do not utilise computers effectively suffer a comparative disadvantage.

Our exposure to many varied computer systems enables us to assist you with planning the choice of new systems and their implementation or alternatively, helping you fully exploit the potential of your existing system.

Audit and Investigations

McBurneys are able to provide an independent review of your company's financial accounts, records, accounting procedures and systems of internal control in order to give you a higher level of assurance that your systems and staff are accurately reporting the activities of your business.


Various statutes, banks and other grantors of credit regularly require audits. We provide complete auditing services which will not only meet the above mentioned requirements, but enhance your standing with credit institutions, and add value to your own management needs.


All self managed superannuation funds are required to be audited and this is an area in which we have considerable expertise.



Unfortunately, disputes can sometimes arise between business parties necessitating arbitration on financial matters. Our experience and approach to arbitration has previously been of great benefit to our clients.


Company Liquidations

Our team are experienced in members voluntary liquidations or company deregistrations. The benefits of each need to be considered against the cost, in order to arrive at an appropriate decision. We can explain each method to you and help you decide which course best suits your needs. We are also able to assist in bankruptcy or creditor liquidations.

Services to Company Executives and Staff

We provide services to client company executives and staff in the areas of tax return preparation, sources of finance and salary packaging. Additionally, we can advise on taxation matters associated with employed overseas experts and visitors.


Company Services / Business names

We offer a comprehensive service in this area which we are more than happy to discuss with you. Some of these services include:


  • company name searches
  • company name registrations
  • advice on incorporation
  • advice relating to Corporations Law
  • company minute or resolution preparation
  • providing a resident director, secretary or public officer for client companies


Our partners have experience in acting as director or secretary for public companies listed on the Australian stock exchange.


Director or Secretary for Clients' Companies

Our Principals can assist your company by accepting an appointment as director, secretary, public officer, or local agent.

The reasons to appoint us to your company may vary from the need to have an Australian resident director, secretary or public officer, to adding our professional expertise to your board.


The benefits of appointing us are that we are familiar with the Australian tax and corporate law requirements of such an appointment and can keep you up to date with your options in relation to your company.


Financial Statements Compilation

Preparation of financial statements may be required for a number of reasons including: reporting to shareholders or owners, reporting to management, satisfying funding requirements (ie required by financiers) and satisfying statutory requirements. We are able to assist in the professional compilation and presentation of financial statements in accordance with Accounting Standards, Urgent Issues Group Consensus Views and the Corporations Act 2001.


Corporate Secretarial Services

We are able to provide a full and comprehensive corporate secretarial service including:


  • maintenance of company registers
  • issuing share certificates
  • preparing and filing annual returns
  • preparing and filing requisite forms for notifiable changes to companies (eg changes in registered office and business addresses or company officer's addresses and company officer's appointments)
  • preparing necessary minutes of meetings or resolutions to support company decisions
  • ensuring compliance with the various requirements of the Corporations Act 2001
  • Financial Planning


Our team can work with you and your existing or preferred Financial Planner. Alternatively we can introduce you to independent Financial Planners that we have established relationships with. Financial planners must be licensed to provide financial advice. Financial planners can assist clients to plan and meet their financial goals.


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